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MOU signing ceremony between Edubelife & Shi

On November 14, 2019, SHi Hanoi successfully organized the “Opening Speed ​​Up – VTS 2019”, taking place at COGO Coworking Space.

VTS – Vietnam Tourism Startup – VTS program has been held since 2017 by Songhan Incubator (SHi), which is maintained annually over the years.

This year, Songhan Incubator cooperates with the PUM – Netherlands Senior Expert Organization, the Swiss Government Entrepreneurs Supporting Organization (Swiss EP), Ministry of Science and Technology, Innovation Capital Management. (ICM) implements the Vietnam Tourism Startup Accelerator Program with a long-term vision of building the first large-scale innovative tourism startup ecosystem of Vietnam, create innovative start-ups with new products, new services, new markets and new development drivers for Vietnam’s tourism industry.

The Acceleration Round is the final stage in the 2019 Tourism Start-up Program. This is a program organized by SHi with the desire to support startups to commercialize products, expand markets and connect investment.

In this Opening Ceremony, Edubelife Financial Skill Training Joint Stock Company is very pleased to be invited by Songhan Incubator to invite MOU to sign the MOU role as a training partner, adviser on financial expertise in the field of start-up. with both Startup and Investors.

1. For Startups, EDUBELIFE

+ Consult the preparation of financial records in a professional way to call for investment capital (including internal audit, review of legal risks, perfecting the system of accounting books & financial statements to ensure the calculation transparency, honesty, objectivity, in accordance with the accounting regime, accounting standards & relevant legal provisions)

+ Consultancy for making capital calling documents including: consulting to complete business model, business plan, financial plan; Investment contracts, investment policies …

+ Start up valuation consultancy & evaluate the project’s financial performance

+ Advice on the presentation of the capital calling file, especially the explanation of financial performance of the project.

2. For Investors:

1. For Startup expected investment:

To ensure a safe and effective investment, EDUBELIFE often provides services such as:

+ Internal audit before investing to assess the status of business operations and the financial situation of the business (DN)

+ Review tax risks, legal risks of businesses before deciding to invest

+ Startup valuation on the perspective of financial science from which to propose appropriate investment plans

+ Assess the financial efficiency of the investment project in Startup: answer questions about how much this project is likely to be profitable, how much time it will take to recover the capital, evaluate in detail the level of financial risk and operational risk of the project

+ Proposing the optimal capital structure to finance the project

+ Prepare Investment Contract; Review the investment policy and all capital raising proposals proposed by Startup to ensure the financial rationality and compliance with relevant legal regulations.

2. For Startup that has been invested

+ Strictly controlling cash flow in and out of businesses through professional reports in a timely, easy-to-understand, concise but informative manner.

+ Provide in-depth analytical reports on abnormal fluctuations of financial indicators to promptly detect and prevent errors and risks in business.

+ Consulting complete the internal control system of the business

+ Consulting, training financial and accounting personnel to ensure that this operation system meets the following criteria: Minimize legal costs but comply with the law and well meet the administrative requirements. of the enterprise

+ Consulting, training financial and accounting personnel to perform tax accounting, preparing tax inspection in accordance with the accounting regime, accounting standards & other relevant legal provisions.

+ On behalf of Investors perform other business management, financial supervision needs.

3. For Starup preparing to divest

+ Assessing the project’s financial efficiency after the investment process

+ Valuing capital invested in the enterprise to provide a reasonable price for capital transfer and stock transfer, and at the same time suitable for market value.

+ Prepare capital transfer contract, propose divestment plan

+ Controlling capital recovery activities to ensure the principle of capital preservation and development

Especially, at this important ceremony, Songhan was also honored to welcome Mr. Nguyen Hoa Cuong – Deputy Director of Enterprise Development Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment; Mr. Hub Langstaff – Swiss EP Director in Vietnam and a team of experts, lecturers, investors, CEOs and Founder experienced in the Songhan Incubator startup ecosystem.

The ceremony took place in a solemn atmosphere, promising a good start for the acceleration stage – VTS 2019 and the relationship between SongHan Incubator & Edubelife

You could read more information about this significant event through VTC 10 television channel; People’s newspaper and Fanpage of SHi

The process of accelerating tourism start-up 2019


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