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EDUBELIFE Finance Skills Education Joint Stock Company (EDUBELIFE in short) is the company where consults and educates (trains) in financial and accounting fields


About Financial Skills Training program for Kids:



About financial field, EDUBELIFE operates strongly in both consulting and training activities in business financial field as well as finance for kids.

1/ About the field of financial consulting and training for business,  EDUBELIFE is one of strategic partners of entrepreneurial ecosystem such as Nacentech Technology and Business Incubator Center (NTBIC); Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF); Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP); Songhan Incubator (SHi) (Songhan Incubator); Imentors; as well as of the Universities such as Academy of Finance; Academy of Banking; Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment.…

EDUBELIFE has the leading financial advisors in the evaluation field and fundraising for STARTUPs, supporting CEOs in presenting financial solutions for their investment projects to domestic and foreign investors. We also support investors in controlling their financial investments, building business model, building internal control system…

EDUBELIFE is known as a prestigious organization in the training programs of financial administration skills, skills to set up professional and effective accountant system for CEOs, Chief accountants as well as Chief financial officers at the Startups, SMEs, especially in the beginning operation time.

In the development period of these businesses, EDUBELIFE continues to consult and support in financial analysis and appraisal of large investment projects;

  • Consultation on making the mobilization strategies in short-term and long-term;
  • Business evaluation consulting;
  • Consultation on investment cooperation in long-term and short-term;
  • Consultation on IPO process;
  • Consultation on determining the beginning price of shares;
  • Consultation on building plans to distribute profits by shares, issue bonus shares, and manage financial investment portfolios…

EDUBELIFE is also one of the partners that attracted attention from a lot of domestic and foreign investors who really want to look for a trustworthy company to manage capital for them when they invested into Startups…

After 5 years of operating, EDUBELIFE has been consulting successfully for more than 300 of SMEs (including FDI’s companies and Vietnamese companies), Startups and non-business and public services organizations… that operating in many fields such as trade, services, construction, manufacture, science and technology…

2/ For financial education program for children, EDUBELIFE is known as the pioneering, prestigious and largest educating organization in Vietnam.

The financial skills training program for children has been developing strongly over the country through domestic and international conferences (https://edubelife.vn/giao-duc-tai-chinh-rong- boi-canh-day-manh-pho-cap-tai-chinh-o-viet-nam/).

Financial skills educating program for children – “EDUBELIFE – Finance and Business skills for Kids”, “EDUBELIFE – How to use money”… were written and designed by EDUBELIFE’s experts with the different levels. This is a high-level professional and academic program on finance, following the UNICEF’s standard textbook and choosing the best experiences from the most modern financial programs for children of countries in the world such as the United States, England, Singapore… for children ages from 5 to 18.

However, the most different point of this program is not its high modern and academic, but that is its reality practicing in the life, in order to help children changing their awareness, their behavior in finance and build modern financial skills for them. Besides, the training courses were designed on researching culture and spirits of the Vietnamese people with morality “gratitude is the sign of noble souls”. Through these courses, children not only begin to have habits and skills in financial management by themselves but also have the necessary experiences to expand the heart of compassion, the heart of love, especially they will also appreciate their work, love their family more and honor their parents more as well as having responsibility with community and society.

These programs have been being taught successfully by EDUBELIFE for many years at Hanoi, with ages from 5 to 18 at the prestigious life skills education organizations such as: Family & Kids center, Germany bridge CTC; Hai Ba Trung school, and the Faculty of Banking and Finance – University of Economics and Business – Hanoi National University.

3/ Over the years, with the passion to change awareness of society about accounting – the core information foundation for all financial decisions and business administration – EDUBELIFE is known as a prestigious education organization with high quality in accounting skills training for general accountants, Chief accountants and Tax accountants of the SMEs, FDI businesses which operating in various fields as manufacture, trade, services, construction, technology…

For accounting training, EDUBELIFE has been attracting thousands of students as well as many young people through Hong Trang Accounting Center – EDUBELIFE (http://ketoanhongtrang.vn/). Students trained at EDUBELIFE are always welcomed by the domestic and foreign companies with the success rate up to 85% and their income has doubled compared to before training… EDUBELIFE students are always highly appreciated by the companies for their abilities as well as professional skills, especially soft skills as flexible and harmonious handling skills of conflicts between legal requirements and administration requirements, skills to solve complex financial and tax situations…

The knowledge roadmap that EDUBELIFE would like to share with the community, not through traditional training methods like “Only filled in a glass”, but EDUBELIFE’s education philosophy is “Lighted up a flame”, awake career belief as well as inspire career love and passion.

Besides, EDUBELIFE is also the strategic partner of the Training Center – Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment (http://hunre.edu.vn/hre/trang-chu) in the Practical accounting training courses for specialized accounting students (Accounting Faculty’s students) who are preparing to graduate.

4/ EDUBELIFE also supports the SMEs and FDI businesses in consulting and setting up professional accounting system and controlling the tax risks efficiently. EDUBELIFE specializes in consulting tax and accounting administration skills for Vietnamese businesses as well as FDI businesses in the fields of manufacture, trade, service and construction. In a short time (5 years) since its establishment, EDUBELIFE has successfully supported for more than 300 businesses in these fields.















1/ Mission

  • Standing in the top 10 best mentors in Vietnam for Startup evaluation field, fundraising, financial and accounting administration for Startups and SMEs
  • Standing in the top 10 most trusted mentors in Vietnam for domestic and foreign investors in effective capital management which they invested into Start up.
  • Being the Vietnam’s leading expert in consulting, accounting skills training and financial administration skills for domestic and foreign companies as well as non-business and public services organizations.
  • Being the Vietnam’s leading center in organizing “Personal financial management skills training” courses for students at University of Economics and Business – Hanoi National University, Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment; Academy of Finance…

2/ Vision 2018 – 2022

  • In the field of business accounting skills training: EDUBELIFE is going to train an average of 600 – 1000 students with good qualifications and professional skills for SMEs, Startups, Public companies, non-business and public services organizations. EDUBELIFE’s courses include: General Accountant, Chief Accountant, Tax Accountant, Head of Supervisory Board.
  • In the field of financial mentoring for Startups, EDUBELIFE is going to be Vietnam’s leading mentor in Startup evaluation, mentoring effective financial administration solutions for each development period of 500 – 1000 Startups per year. Besides, being a trustworthy mentor for 300 FDI and Vietnamese investors in managing cash flow that they will invest, be investing and invested in these Startups.
  • In the field of personal financial skills training, EDUBELIFE is going to develop strongly “Financial Skills Training program for children” in order to change community’s awareness, tend to universalize the program “Personal financial management skills training” that will becomes an main subject for pupils at schools as well as students at Universities over the country.




  • Field of finance: Faculty of Finance and Banking – University of Economics – Hanoi National University
  • Field of business administration, Startup spirit: Ms Hoang Thi Kieu Huyen – Director of Startup funding program of Startup Vietnam Foundation.
  • Field of culture, literature and history: Mr. Hoang Ngoc Son – Director of Vietnamese Theater; Young writer Nguyen Thien Son (Vietnam Writers’ Association); Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung – Natural shape artist.
  • Field of society: Dr. Ta Nhat Anh – Lecturer of Psychology Faculty of Hanoi National University and Head of Training Department of YOUNG HIT YOUNG BEAT ACADEMY of ART (YHYB Academy in short)
  • Field of music: Ms Tran Thanh Ly (Lecturer of Piano Faculty of Hanoi Conservatory of Music)
  • Field of foreign language (English): Ms Thuy – Director of Bright Horizon English Center.

HOTLINE: 036 838 6163