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Capital like blood in a living body. Without capital, every business ideas is always the ideas. Fundraising successfully is a top target to the success or failure of a Startup.

With successful experiences in consulting for hundreds of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam, EDUBELIFE is willing to act on behalf of Startups in order to protect the financial presentation of Startups’ investment projects to domestic and foreign investors.

Besides supporting Startups in building short-term and long-term financial strategies, EDUBELIFE is also willing to act on behalf of Startups to present and explain to Vietnamese and foreign investors: from evaluating the financial status of Startups, to build the revenue and profit plans, estimate costs of projects, consider structure of funds, determine the average cost of capital, analyze the impact of the business risks, financial risks… as well as persuade successfully on scientific bases to give Startups’ market value as the expectations of business owners.

EDUBELIFE has the experiences in responding successfully all questions of the most strict investors related to financial field which EDUBELIFE has mentored and supported.

This presentation is built on the professional bases in financial field and Vietnamese law which related to operation fields of Startups as well as expectations of business owners about the expected capital will be mobilized successfully in the future.











The financial consultancy services:

“Practical, effective, professional” are the feelings that hundreds of Vietnamese enterprises, FDI enterprises, Startup, public non-business units expressed when enjoying services in accounting, tax or private sector. investment, investment control …. provided by Edubelife


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