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1/ FINANCIAL REGULATION is a regulation issued by the Director of the Enterprise in order to give particular regulations and procedures system for financial administration in the enterprise.

Financial regulation is a very important legislative framework to ensure that all financial activities of the enterprise has implemented as administration requires of enterprise owners in order to achieve built finance target.

Financial regulation is an important legal tool of the Chief Financial Officer in maintaining effective operation of the Internal Control System ( -thong-so-noi-bo/)

2/ INTERNAL EXPENDITURE REGULATIONS are legal regulations which used in public organizations, describe details about procedures, conditions and records to implement of incomes and expenditures in organizations.

Different from the financial regulations, the internal expenditure regulations in public organizations are legal documents which approved and issued by authorities and enforce to comply with regulations.

Building financial regulations and internal expenditure regulations should ensure compliance with the laws on taxes (business income tax, value added tax, personal income tax, invoice regulations…), accounting standards, accounting regime, particular legal regulations as well as other related legal regulations (such as Enterprise Law, Labor Law, Insurance Law…)

The highest target of building above two regulations, first of all, to ensure that the organization’s operations to achieve set out target. Therefore, two regulations need to be built suitably with forces, management knowledge as well as production and business features of organization.

Currently, EDUBELIFE has consulted successfully the internal spending regulations for many public organizations of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Culture and Information, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment… Besides, EDUBELIFE has been also participating in building Financial Regulations for hundreds of small and medium enterprises in the fields of manufacturing, trade, service and construction.


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