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CEO Level 1

  • You wonder how to make tax and insurance costs be minimum, but your company still operate in legal requirements?
  • How to set up finance and accounting system that be able to apply management requirements in the best such as supplying updated informations about receivables, liabilities, inventory, maturity loans… BUT not have tax risks?
  • How to make your company be more confident in tax examines?
  • How to know your chief accountant having good accounting knowledge and skills as well as managing ability in tax risks and legal risks? How to know the data and informations that accountant gives to you, are truth and objective?
  • All of above questions as human resource administration in accounting, financial administration, build up accounting system that will be solved through CEOs financial management course.


CEO – Level 2

  • You wonder how to control inputs and outputs cash flow of your company?
  • You wonder how to be able to read and analyze rapidly your company’s financial report as well as financial reports of your competitors, your partners, your customers… To know oneself is true progress?
  • How to set up financial plan for regular expenses by yourself? You want to know how long-term financial plan effect on your future?
  • More than, you always want to supervise, manage how much is the current market value of your company? Base on this, you can give the decisions to cooperate, capital call, and expand production and business operation.
  • If you really want to be able to solve best all financial issues of your company in short term and long term, CEO-Level 2 course is the perfect solution for this demand.

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