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“Although the course’s time was not too long but the knowledge and skills which my children studied is so efficient ones, not only theories but also reality and useful skills. I trust that they will be the precious property for my children in the future. I, please, express faithful thanks to you and your center, wish you always happy, health and success.”

Nguyen Hong Hanh - Career: Office Staff

“I really want to send our best regards to you and your family. I am happy to inform a good new to you and center that my daughter Linh has improved more than expected. She was not timid, shy, but she is stronger, more confident… and especially she has known the way to spend her money by buying birthday gifts for family. This means she start to know how to save money and spend money usefully. We are so happy when we saw our daughter improvement after the course. Thank you and your center so much.”

Tran Thu Phuong - Career: Chief accountant

“Thanks to teachers who bring precious lessons to my children. The financial knowledge and skills seem to be boring but you blew survive into them and inspire the passion for studying finance to children.”

Nguyen Ngoc Anh - Career: Accountant

“Teacher’s lessons not only are knowledge but also passion that teachers want to inspire to children. After 2 months of studying, my son has become better. The knowledge and skills that he learned, will be precious properties for him in the future. We really want to express our gratitude to you and wish you and your family with best wishes, healthy, happiness and lucks”

Nguyen Hong Linh - Career: Teacher

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