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How to manage your business effectively

Please look at the actual operations of enterprises, you can see:

  1. Low revenue and profit, not as expected?
  2. Low growth rate, almost constant in recent years?
  3. Human resources with a lot of work but low work efficiency, staffs do not want to work at your company for a long time?

4. You are very worried your business is “under” tax inspection, even though you have hired this service in Vietnam?5. Internal accountants are very busy, but financial data to serve daily operations such as inventory, cost, cost of goods, liabilities… are very slow and unreliable?6. Despite P & L statement with good profitabale ratio, you are always “stressed” because of finance, lack of capital for operating?7. Even you wonder yourself how much the total assets of your enterprise are? How much equity has been invested in the business? Does this investment really work? => Many times, you feel tired because of overwork, low business efficiency, because of an unprofessional personnel apparatus. The daily your business operations go by and you “stand by”, sometimes feel “helpless” because there is no optimal way to solve these problems?

If you recognize that your company are facing with the above problems, you are definitely in need of help from our experts. You need to be supported with knowledge and experience in financial, business and legal management to discover the REASONs that make your business’ production and business activities ineffective, as well as receive valuable advice about SOLUTION to optimally solve these problems

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