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Who should learn this course ?

CEOs, business executives (Members of the Board of Directors, Board of Directors, Board of Members, Supervisory Board) are having many concerns about:

+ How to make business operations of enterprises more effectively?

+ How should the human resources be organized so that all business activities can run professionally, economically and efficiently?

+ How to minimize business risks, especially risks related to tax law in Vietnam?

+ How to understand deeply about current status of assets and capital of enterprises? Where is your equity capital being invested? Is this investment really profitable?+ which activity is really the most effective in your structure of goods and services businesses?+ Why is that gross profit high but net profit margin low? + Why is that you always feeling short of money  even if your profitable business?

What will you achieve from this course?

– You realize clearly that What makes the current business operation of the enterprise not really effective. On the other hand, You have also good solutions to build or to develop your business strategies to make your business more effective in the future.- Even though you are not in financial profession, you have ability to build by your self the financial statements quickly, simply, honestly without depending on the accountant.

– Because of your own self-made financial statements, you are the manager who has skills to understand deeply the financial and business situation of your business at the moment. This also means you will becomes a wise financial leader who is capable of controlling, accurately assess the quality of financial human resourse in your coompany.- You are going to be a talent leader who deeply understands the impact of the current tax, insurance, and invoice legal system on your business performance. So that you have important backgounds to build optimal business strategies and operating policies that both creates innovations in business development and ensure legal compliance – the foundation for your company ‘s sustainable growth.

Program outline: Detailed information

Duration: 12 units of study. 45 minutes per unit

Course fees:Tuition fee for 1 person: Detailed consultation via hotline 036 838 6163Higher discount rate for group 5 leaders of 01 Enterprise

Information about the training organization

Information about the expert:

Tine of opening: expected  September 11, 2021

Learning mode: Online or offline learning

Off-line learning location: EDUBELIFE Financial Skills Education Joint Stock Company – 29th Floor, East Building, Hanoi Lotte Center, 54 Lieu Giai Street , Hanoi city, Vietnam


HOTLINE: 036 838 6163