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“Green Swallows” is the first program held every 2 years to seek and honor Business Initiatives for the Community in Vietnam. The “Swallows” in this year’s program are social enterprises, impact businesses and social organizations.

The program is organized by the Community Service Initiatives Support Center (CSIP) with support from the World Bank (WB), the Canadian Agency for International Development (GAC), Oxfam, EDUBELIFE Company, PACE Entrepreneurship Academy and Talentpool company.This year, “Green Swallow 2021” with the theme “Swallow wings resilient against storms” has implemented a series of meaningful and effective activities, which are appreciated and participated enthusiastically by businesses from October 2021 to December 2021 such as “The Story of the Green Swallow”, “The Blue Swallow Vaccine”, “Hackathon”….

In just 2 months, nearly 100 Swallows of impact businesses directly participated in the Program, of which 64 stories of Green Swallows were edited and spread on the Program’s website and social media channels. The program’s activities have attracted 1000 participations of impactful business leaders, experts, and supporting organizations. Through the “Green Swallow 2021”, the Green Swallows have connected, inspired and shared experiences to innovate and create together to make the Green Swallow community more resilient to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

With this year’s “Green Swallow 2021”, EDUBELIFE is honored to be CSIP’s professional partner in consulting, training skills in financial management, cash flow management in the Covid 129 Pandemic for “Swallows” or business leaders, CEOs.  Typical activities of EDUBELIFE as a Professional Partner of “Green swallow”- Designing training programs, providing trainers for the training course “Cash flow management during the Pandemic”- Consulting, answering questions, advising, orienting solutions to solve challenges arising in cash flow management, business performance management, financial management, legal risk management related to tax accounting in enterprises.- Ms. Hong Trang – CEO of EDUBELIFE was invited as a senior consultant for the teams competing in the “Hackathon” which is extremely exciting, attractive and brings great practical value to businesses.

The program “Green Swallow 2021” has ended, but the good and warm impressions about the Program be full of humanity, creative inspiration and great practical value will surely remain in the hearts of the participants. We wish the “Green Swallows” to persevere through storms, fly higher and farther…

Web of Green Swallows reported on EDUBELIFE – The Program’s Professional Partner– Đôí tác chuyên môn của Chương trình

Information about the training course “Cash flow management during the Pandemic” – “Quản trị dòng tiền trong Đại dịch”  – EDUBELIFE

Newspapers reported on “Green Swallow” with the participation of EDUBELIFE

“Én xanh” với sự tham gia đồng hành của EDUBELIFE

 GALA ÉN XANH 2021 – CÁNH ÉN KIÊN CƯỜNG, VƯỢT BÃO GIÔNG sẽ ngày 18 tháng 12 năm 2021 tại Hà Nội.
Hackathon Én Xanh 2021 nơi tạo cơ hội kết nối, chia sẻ, hợp tác, cùng trao đổi để tìm ra các giải pháp sáng tạo, hiệu quả và khả thi cho các sáng kiến.


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