MS. HONG TRANG – MEMBER OF JURY “NATIONAL START-UP FESTIVAL FOR STUDENTS” 2023 - Edubelife | Education for a beautiful life MS. HONG TRANG – MEMBER OF JURY “NATIONAL START-UP FESTIVAL FOR STUDENTS” 2023 - Edubelife | Education for a beautiful life


National Startup Festival for students (SV-STARTUP) is the largest annual National Startup Competition for students across the country in order to implement the project “Supporting students and students to start a business up to 2025” according to Decision No. 1665/QD-TTg dated on October 30, 2017 of the Prime Minister.

“Festival” is an annual activity, chaired by the Ministry of Education and Training, aimed at promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of students, helping young generations change their thinking, awareness, dare to think, dare to do, have a great desire to turn dreams and ideas into reality. This is also an opportunity to strengthen connections and investment promotion activities for students’ start-up ideas and projects with high feasibility.

After 4 times of organization, SV-STARTUP has attracted more than 20,000 attendees with more than 2500 ideas and startup projects from students. The festival received the response of 63/63 Departments of Education and Training, more than 400 universities, 150 press agencies, more than 50 businesses, and a companion support fund.

On the morning of March 25, 2023, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and leaders of central and local ministries, branches, representatives of universities, high schools, businesses and investors attended at Hue University for Final contest SV-STARTUP 2023.

This year, the contest was launched from November 2022 and has attracted 508 projects in 5 fields: Industry, product manufacturing; Agriculture, Forestry and fishery; Education, tourism, services, finance; Medical, health care, beauty technology; Business creates social impact. The number of ideas and projects submitted for this year’s contest increased by 24.8% compared to the fourth contest in 2022. The teams selected 80 best projects into the voting round and the final round of the contest.

Ms. Hong Trang – General Director, CEO of EDUBELIFE Financial Skills education Joint Stock Company is pleased to be invited by the Organizing Committee as a Member of the Jury for the Semi-Final Round and the Final Round of the contest.

With the Final Round, Ms. Hong Trang – CEO of EDUBELIFE is the leader of the expert team of “Agriculture, forestry and fishery” feild. Along with other members of the Jury, Ms. Hong Trang worked in the spirit of focus, seriousness, fairness and democracy to select the 10 best projects to go to the Final Round.

At the final round, Ms. Hong Trang is a member of the project judging group in the field of “Education, tourism, services, finance” to select the best 3 projects to continue competing for first, second and third prizes.

We would like to share some typical information channels on Vietnam Television VTV1, Hue Television, Ministry of Education and Training website…. about this great event.

Ngày hội khởi nghiệp quốc gia HSSV năm 2023 được tổ chức ngày 25, 26/3

Khai mạc Ngày hội khởi nghiệp quốc gia của học sinh, sinh viên lần thứ V tại Huế

Toàn cảnh SV Startup lần thứ V, 2023

The journey to attend “SV-STARTUP as a member of the jury were unforgettable impressions for Ms. Hong Trang. Through the warm sharing of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh with the representative of the young generation nationwide at Hue University on March 25, 2023, we would feel the strong and widespread entrepreneurial spirit; smart, creative brains; hot, enthusiastic, full of faith and confident, ready-to-donate hearts of the young Vietnamese generation, as the lyrics of the song “Vietnam is my homeland” by musician Do Nhuan:

“The soul of Vietnamese youth is as vast as the sea

Reaching out to build the country

Spring is coming, life is boiling

My country – shining Vietnam”

(temporary translation by Edubelife company)

We (EDUBELIFE) see the stars twinkling in the eyes of the young generation and strongly believe in the bright future of the country from the brilliant entrepreneurial spirit of National Startup Festival for students (SV-STARTUP) today

We would like to invite you to look back at the meaningful journey of Ms. Hong Trang – CEO of EDUBELIFE as a Member of the Jury of National Startup Festival for students Semi-final and Final Round.


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