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How to increase the efficiency of finance, busines?

“How to increase the efficiency of finance, business” is a big question for many CEOs

With many years experiences in consult of finance, business management for more than 600 enterprises which operate in various fields and sizes, we really understand and sympathize with “the pain” of CEOs. The CEOs have worked hard. They have great pressure from many sides: the market, customers, partners, banks, employees… They have tried continuously to bring the business to development, but the results have not been successful. After many years, revenue and profit have been not expected yet?

You may be focusing on developing a product whose life cycle is at a “decline” or the market is very narrow, competition is very high, profit margins are low.In some other cases, on the contrary, investment is spread out, not focusing on products or services in which you have competitive advantages; In another situation, you have good products and services, but the marketing strategy is not synchronized and professional. Thus This leads to low sales volume, low revenue, while high fixed costs, leading to low profits…

Sometimes, the reason of the ineffective business is the internal management of your business not really reasonable and scientific. For example: Directors of SMEs often have too much works in the same time, leading to overload, sometimes lack of comprehensive production management. This leads to loss of raw materials and finished products. On the other case, the assignment of work to employees has not been standardized and lacks of appropriate regulations and management processes, leading to unclear responsibilities. For example: a person who works as a warehouse keeper cum warehouse accountant, a cashier who is also a cash accountant; workshop director cum specialist in monitoring and statistics. Those lead to dishonest and objective business financial data, the internal control system is no longer effective. Consequences: business and financial information is interrupted, untimely, lacks transparency, depends on some unqualified personnel… And you “stand and watch” your business operate like that. Every thing goes away and you have a feeling How long have they been out of your control?

You really need to be consulted on modern scientifical professional knowledge and skills in finance, business and law to discover the REASONs that make your production and business activities not yet effectively, as well as get invaluable advice on SOLUTION to end this problem! One of the best ways to help you improve your financial business performance is to join the EDUBELIFE CEO Course.All information about the course is as follows

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Thank you very much for reading the article. Wish your business more and more sustainable development!


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