Financial Mentoring for Startups Financial Mentoring for Startups


This is the key service of EDUBELIFE in the future, focusing on providing optimal financial administration solutions for Startups, with many services:

Period of mobilizing capital:

  • Content 1: Consultation on appraising financial efficiency of investment projects
  • Content 2: Consultation on evaluating Startup
  • Content 3: Consultation on determining capital requirement and selecting the optimal capital mobilization solution
  • Content 4: Consultation on writing presentation profile of project to foreign and Vietnamese investors
  • Content 5: Consultation, supporting and on behalf of Startup to present on the project to foreign and Vietnamese investors

Period of operating

    • Content 1: Consulting and training human resources on financial administration to satisfy the management demands of the CEO
    • Content 2: Consultation on building the internal control system, building operating regulations such as financial regulations, salary and reward regulations, business and production regulations…
    • Content 3: Consultation on building accounting system to satisfy both administration demands and control tax risks effectively as well as achieve minimum target of tax costs such as value added tax (VAT), corporate income tax (CIT) and private income tax (PIT)…
    • Content 4: Consultation on corporate finance administration as: Stock evaluation consulting; Consultation on building budget plan; Consultation on building short term and long term financial plans; Consultation on determining the initial price for IPO process, Consultation on managing capital resources of enterprises efficiently as well as skills of using financial leverage…
  • Content 5: Consultation on business evaluation and transferring of contributed capital among members during the process of expanding business activities.


The financial consultancy services:

“Practical, effective, professional” are the feelings that hundreds of Vietnamese enterprises, FDI enterprises, Startup, public non-business units expressed when enjoying services in accounting, tax or private sector. investment, investment control …. provided by Edubelife


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