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Edubelife was invited by the Financial Academy to share its secrets of becoming a good accountant

The program “Improving practical accessibility” for students of the accounting department – Financial Academy, held on November 17, 2019 is a big program, helping students to learn more. more about the practice of accounting practice at the current businesses; better understand the importance of good study while still in school; hard skills and soft skills students need to equip upon graduation and the bright prospects of accounting profession in the 4.0 technology era today.
The program is implemented under the chairing of the Accounting Department – Finance Academy; The Board of Directors of the Academy and the enthusiastic support of practical experts on accounting and auditing come from professional associations, training centers, leading foreign and Vietnamese auditing firms. EDUBELIFE (is one of the prestigious accounting vocational training organizations) is pleased to be invited by the Department of Accounting – Financial Academy to share the topic that many young people are interested in – “Good accounting never fails career, never run out of work! ”
Among the 15 shared auditoriums of the rapporteur, the reporting room of Ms Hong Trang – CEO of EDUBELIFE is one of the top rooms with the largest number of students registering and attending. The session revolved around the following topics:

  • What is good accounting?
  • Who will evaluate our accounting proficiency?
  • How do we become good accountants?
    … The sharing session took place with a very warm and sincere atmosphere, both she and the student were passionate about sharing and answering. Not only referring to career secrets, students are looking forward to sharing with Ms Hong Trang about the secret of being able to study well and have scholarships during their study at the Financial Academy; the secret to success in recruitment; secrets to “attract” online applications from CV review round …
    But perhaps, the most important thing, which Ms. Trang always pondered to “spread fire” to generations of students, is ACCOUNTING LOVE. To her, “Education is not about filling water in a vase but lighting a fire – the fire of the faith and love of noble accounting profession!”
    EDUBELIFE financial skills training JSC is really happy to receive very good feedback on the quality of the report from the Accounting Department and the students attending this event.
    Please join EDUBELIFE to share the truly memorable and meaningful moments at the Financial Academy on November 17, 2019.

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