Finance for children over age 15 - Edubelife | Đào tạo tài chính chuyên nghiệp


This is the special program for youth following UNICEF’s standard

Course’s target

  1. Financial education for children to let them understand about money value. Through this, they will know to appreciate their work and honor their parents more.
  2. Improving the modern finance knowledge for children so that they have intellectual and abilities to manage their own finance and their family’s finance in the future.
  3. Improving perfectly other life skills which related to financial management skill.
  4. Discuss and sharing with parents the most modern and latest education methods of “How to use money”.
  5. Contributing to educate morality and develop finance talents for children

Starting schedule

Summer 2019


Program’s contents

This is the special program for youth (15-18+). Following UNICEF’s standard for this age, students should be educated skills and knowledge as:

  • The life skills as social behavior adjustment skills, scientific time management skills, social relationship building skills, and especially leadership skills.
  • The financial skills which students studied at advanced level, suitable with the youth such as: negotiation skills in life and initially formed negotiation skills in business, knowledge of purchasing power of money, the advanced finance concepts bring to students naturally as exchange rate difference, interest rates, inflation rates and unemployment.
  • Besides improving and completing knowledge, skills and morality for students, EDUBELIFE also brings to students the special program with perfect and vivid discoveries about domestic and international economy and society naturally, wonderfully and simply.

Course time

Flexible time, suitable with demand of each student:

Summer courses:

Weekend classes: in 2 weekend day (study all day) and half day for practicing outside or picnic

Weekly classes: 2 days in week (study all day) and half day for practicing outside or picnic

After summer courses:

Annual courses: in 4 days includes 3 training days at class (3 hours per day – morning and afternoon) and 01 practicing day or picnic


Tuition fee:

Tuition fee: 4.500.000VND/course

Promotion fee (only for summer 2019): 4.000.000VND/course

Contact information

Contact information:  Ms. Thủy – 098 781 8909]

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HOTLINE: 0989 165 533