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“EDUBELIFE – Smart money”

“EDUBELIFE – Smart money” in the summer camp of Family and Kids Center The Managers of Family & Kids Center has ever shared with us in thankful letter “As expected by F&K, this new program is a special highlight for our summer camp …” We taught at the 2nd Summer Camp of Family & Kids Center on hot days at 38°C. It outside was hot like a fire. But it seems that the heat of the weather could not prevent us from coming to children. The children have been being very excited to experience the program, they are waiting for us. That strong motivation motivates us, makes us forget all tiredness. With this humanity program, firstly, the Board of Director of EDUBELIFE has still not considered profit target. Our mission is to inspire with “legitimate enrichment passion” of Bill Gate’s, the wisdom method of teaching children of Jewish, the most modern financial knowledge in the world and the financial skills following UNICEF ​​standard. It is so just happy, surprise, emotional that unspeakable when we just walk to the door of the classroom, the children rushed into our hearts. The children excitedly told us how they applied in the life the learnt lessons that we shared in the last class. It is truly an invaluable happiness for the team as well as teachers of EDUBELIFE on the way of education for the young generation. Please watch the interesting pictures of the children when participating in course “EDUBELIFE- Smart money”.

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