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EDUBELIFE – share about Start-up on People Television and VTC1

On June 28, 2019, in the Opening Ceremony – Vietnam Tourism Start-up Incubation program (VTS 2019) in the North was held solemnly at Cogo-Coworking, No.1 Thai Ha str, Dong Da dist, Hanoi. Ms Hong Trang – CEO of EDUBELIFE – was invited honestly by People Television and VTC1 to share on the topic “Where do you think Vietnam tourism start-up should start? And how to make Vietnam Tourism Startup develop strongly?”

For us – the experts of EDUBELIFE Financial Skills Education Joint Stock Company – Great start-up ideas often start from seeking the practical solutions to solve the urgent problems of life. There are the status of unclear origin of food, unsafe and not fresh, or cholera pig in Africa causing many pigs to die, status of garbage causing pollution to the city’s environment, the tangible and intangible architectures have been being repaired under non-scientific and disrespect for history… Start-up, firstly, should solve the problems of the life… The start-up ideas should come from the patriotism and national self-respect……

In order to have better feelings of this problem, please watch shares of Ms Hong Trang CEO of EDUBELIFE on VTC1.

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