EDUBELIFE is fulfilling in "transferring the flame" for Vietnamese Tourism Startups VTS 2019 - Edubelife | Đào tạo tài chính chuyên nghiệp

EDUBELIFE is fulfilling in “transferring the flame” for Vietnamese Tourism Startups VTS 2019

Ms Hong Trang – EDUBELIFE’s CEO is invited honestly by Board of Organization of Songhan Incubator (SHi) as the member of Examiner Board and Lecturer in the accelerated incubation rounds taking place in July and August, 2019 which are organized at the 3rd floor, COGO Coworking No.1 Thai Ha street, Dong Da dist, Hanoi. The incubated projects at this acceleration round are excellent projects that were selected in the National Tourism Start-up VTS 2019. + At the 2nd Bootcamp on July 20, 2019, Ms Hong Trang attended as the member of Examiner Board in pitching part of projects about their Business Model. In this part, each project would present their Business model within 5 minutes and be consulted by Ms Hong Trang on completing each content in their Business Model. It can be said that in business and investment, an excellent Business model is the first key for success of a business project. At the end of the pitching day, the founders expressed their gratitude for the values which were ​​shared and supported heartly from Ms Hong Trang. + At the 3rd Bootcamp on August 10, 2019, with the topic “Pricing Scheme”, Ms Hong Trang was invited to attend as the Lecturer. At this training, Ms Hong Trang shared about knowledge and experiences of the famous Masters in the world on pricing scheme for products and services such as Starbucks coffee, McDonald’s, Apple, Eleven Beer, KFC… At the end of the class, Ms Trang – the Founder of the project “Cho Do” which was appreciated to be the most excellent project in this incubation program, expressed her feeling before all members of the class: “Will Ms Hong Trang teach next course? I really hope that the Board of Organization will continue to invite Ms Hong Trang as the Lecturer for next topics… The knowledge shared by Ms Hong Trang, are really easy to understand and has big significance for our project”. For us, Edubelife’s experts feel extremely happy to see the growth of projects. The sincere encouragements, the bright faces and the entrepreneurial spirit of all of you are the “flame” that motivates us to effort tireless in supporting and promoting start-up projects in Vietnam. This is the last accelerated incubation round before the Board of Organization of SongHan Incubator gives decision on whether the project satisfy requirements to mobilize capital? Hopefully, through the professional and effective incubation process at SongHan Incubator (SHi), with supports of leading experts in Vietnam in all fields, the Founders of the projects will grow perfectly, collect fully qualifies as well as skills to lead and develop their projects to success, convince investors in companionship with the project in next rounds. Some photos and videos in the 2nd and 3rd Bootcamp. Please watch here!

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